Tourism in Italy

Tourism in Italy

Italy is located in the southern part of the European continent and has a moderate seasonal climate. Italy is the cradle of many cultures and civilizations. The country was divided into many regions and kingdoms, but it was united in 1861 AD.

Tourist Attractions

Italy is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world, and it contains many tourist cities, and each city has a special character that distinguishes it. Cities in the south are distinguished by the location on the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea, while cities in the north are located between the beautiful Alps and great forests. There are many famous and cities in Italy, such as the city of Rome, the city of Milan, and the city of Florence.

The City of Rome

Rome is the Italian capital, Italy’s largest and most populous city. It is located on the banks of the Tiber River in western Italy. The history of the city extends for more than 2500 years, so it is considered one of the oldest cities in Italy. Many tourists love to walk in the city center to explore historical monuments. Rome is the third-most visited city in Europe, as it contains many archaeological sites. Among the most famous landmarks of Rome and Italy in general, the Colosseum, which is an ancient Roman amphitheater dating back to about the year 70 AD, tourists visit this site to get to know the ancient Roman architecture and explore it. Rome contains many archaeological sites such as the Roman Forum, the Borghese Museum, the Church of Santa Maria, the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain, and the Spanish stairs linking two tourist sites, namely, Spain Roundabout and Trinita dei Square. Besides, Rome contains many luxurious shopping centers, such as La Tourree Shopping Center, Dima Center, Primavera Center, and the Arca de Cabina Center. There is also a famous and very popular street in Rome, Via Via Nazionale, which is always crowded and contains Italian boutiques, clothing stores, restaurants, and cafes.

The city of Milan

Milan is the second-largest city in Italy after the capital, Rome. Milan is one of the most densely populated cities, with a humid subtropical climate. The city is located near the beginnings of the Alps, in the northwestern part of the Po Valley in the north of the country. The city of Milan is famous for being the seat of design and fashion, as well as the manufacture of high-quality furniture and architecture. Milan includes many historical places and buildings, such as the Cathedral of Milan, which is considered one of the most important ancient archaeological reality in the fourteenth century. Also, a neighborhood built in the Gothic style and includes famous works, paintings, and drawings. Also among the archaeological sites is the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, which dates back to the nineteenth century, which is located in the famous square and crowded with tourists. The Arc de Peace and La Scala Theater are also historical tourist destinations. The La Corte Lombarda shopping center is one of the best and largest shopping centers in Milan, in addition to the Carusello complex and the Sarka Center. Among the famous landmarks of Milan, is Buenos Aires Street, where its extension starts from the northeast of Milan along a length of 1.2 km. Inevitably Milan is a beautiful Italian city and one of the cities that gives the visitor amazing memories and experiences.

The city of Florence

Florence was the ancient capital of Italy, and it is located in northern Italy, where the Arno River passes through its center, surrounded by highlands. The city is full of museums, historical plazas, churches, bridges, parks, and many tourist sites. Florence has a mild continental climate hot in summer and cool in humid winter. Among the most important landmarks of the city dating back to the fifteenth century, the Beatty Palace, which is located on the banks of the Arno River from the south, is a large museum complex on ancient royal art and contains hundreds of artifacts and archaeological properties.

There are also many historical sites such as Florence Cathedral, the Uffizi Gallery Museum which is located and Vecchio Palace in the most famous square in Florence, Piazza Della Signoria, in addition to the museum and the palace, and it contains the famous Michelangelo statue and the Neptune Fountain surrounded by other statues. Most of the tourists go to take souvenir photos to Ponte Vecchio Bridge, which is the most famous bridge in the city, where it dates back to the fourteenth century, and there are shops and jewelry stores at the edge of the bridge. There are some popular shopping spots in Florence such as San Lorenzo Market and Delibucci Market.

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