Tourism in Greece

Tourism in Greece

Greece is a country located in southeastern Europe, and the southern Balkans and the official language is Greek. It has a distinct cultural heritage and a long history and contains many mountain heights and forests, as well as lakes in western Greece. The climate in Greece differs because it is divided into three parts: the Mediterranean climate, the alpine climate, and a mild climate.

Tourist Attractions

Greece is a beautiful tourist destination, where tourists come to see the civilizations and history of the country. Most travelers come to Greece for the relaxation, as it contains thousands of beautiful islands such as Crete and Santorini, with the appropriate climate always available. In addition to the beautiful cities of Greece, the most important of which is the city of Athens.

The city of Athens

It is the capital and the largest city in Greece, and one of the oldest cities in the world. Located in the southern part of Greece, the city is a tourist city full of wonderful heritage features and has its own culture and diverse arts. Every country has an important landmark that distinguishes it, and the whole of Greece is distinguished by the Acropolis. The main entrance to Liverpool is the Propylene Gate, with high pillars and wall decorations, and there is the Addion Herodes Atticus Theater and the Dionysus Theater. Among the most important and largest temples is the Parthenon Temple, as it is surrounded by several temples. Also among the attractions in Athens is the historical Plaka neighborhood, which is an archaeological area of ​​the highest ancient residential areas in Athens. Visitors to the city also love to visit the Athens museums such as the Acropolis Museum and the National Archaeological Museum. Syntagma Square is one of the most crowded places in Athens and one of its most important landmarks.

Crete Island​

It is the largest and most important island in Greece historically, and it originated almost 4000 years ago. The mountains extend from east to west, and from the south overlook the Aegean Sea. The island includes stunning landscapes and ancient Greek archaeological sites, including the ancient city of Rethymnon, which has been in existence since 1204 AD, containing ancient Greek monuments and statues, in addition to an ancient castle, and restaurants on ancient Greek art. Also, one of the most famous places on the island, Samaria Valley, is surrounded by a group of the largest parks, waterfalls, and beautiful landscapes. There are many beaches in the Nicholas region, you can go with the family and play with the children, or until the island is considered an ideal destination for honeymooners. In the east of Crete, the coastal city of Agios Nicholas is located. It features a beautiful lake Voulismeni, and many restaurants and cafes overlooking this lake to provide the most beautiful trip for tourists. Finally, the best place to go with family for fun is Water City, the island’s most popular theme park and water play.

Santorini Island

It is one of the most beautiful islands of Greece and the world, located in the southeast of Greece, south of the Aegean Sea. The island is characterized by its blue and white buildings and homes that attract the attention of travelers, and the city of Fira is famous for its alleys, narrow streets, cafes, and small shops, inevitably the most beautiful experience for visitors is to wander in this beautiful city and contemplate it. Also, there is the town of Oia, a tourist village of the most famous places in Santorini and ideal as a summer resort with the family, where there are small elegant hotels with the most beautiful views. Among the activities carried out by tourists: visiting beaches such as Kamari Beach and Red Beach, and visiting the ancient city of Akrotiri, it is constantly restored and preserved for its importance and ancient.

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