Tourism in Germany

Tourism in Germany

Germany is located in the center of the continent of Europe, and its capital is Berlin. German is the official language. The population of this country is estimated at 80 million, and the Euro is the currency in which it is traded. Germany is classified as one of the most important tourist destinations, it combines beautiful nature, distinctive architecture, diverse activities and many other features.

Tourist Attractions

Each city of Germany contains many important and distinctive tourist attractions, and there are basic cities famous in Germany, including: Berlin, Frankfurt, and Hamburg, and we will mention in this article the advantages and features of each city.

The city of Berlin

Berlin is the capital of the state of Germany and has a population of about 3.6 million people. Hence, it is the largest city in Germany in terms of population. The Brandenburg Gate, located in the heart of the city within the Pariser Square, is a symbol of the unity of the German people, and it is one of its historical monuments witnessing many events that took place in it. and one of the most important and beautiful tourist attractions in Berlin that are worth a visit. You can also visit the Charlottenburg Palace, which is a royal palace that enjoys the beauty of its gardens. The palace was established in the seventeenth century and visited by tourists from all over the world. There are many museums in Berlin such as the Pergamon Museum, New Berlin Museum, Old Berlin Museum, and the Musical Instruments Museum. Some of the popular Berlin gardens are Tiergarten Park, Berlin Zoo, and Treptower Park. Berlin also includes thousands of streets and various plazas to shop or explore the food prevailing in the country. Like Friedrichstrasse, it is one of the most famous open shopping malls and features architecture models. Also, the Spree, which is one of the most well-known rivers in the world, runs in the middle of the capital, Berlin.

The city of Frankfurt

Frankfurt is located in the heart of Germany, on the banks of the Main river, where many exhibitions are held annually. Frankfurt is famous for its high buildings, various museums such as the Natural History Museum, and Stettal Museum located on the River Rhine. The Medieval Römer complex, and the Römarburg Square that surrounds this complex. The main tower in Frankfurt, which is the tallest tower in the city. It provides a wonderful view of the city through distinguished restaurants, with a height of about 200 meters. The second tallest building in Germany is the European Tower, which also provides restaurants on top of the tower with a view of the city. For the sake of international shops and brands, Zil Street is the city’s main shopping center. Frankfurt features many famous parks such as Palm Garden (Palm Garden), Batman Park, and Frankfurt Forest.

The city of Hamburg

Hamburg is located in northern Germany, along the banks of the Elba river. Hamburg is one of the most important cities in Germany, it is the second-largest in terms of area, and the second-most populous city. The city is famous for its suspended bridges for cars, pedestrians, and trains. There are more than 2500 bridges, some of which are also built over water. The city of Hamburg is a wealthy city that relies heavily on tourism for its economy, and it has many green areas that attract tourists. Hamburg City Park is one of the most famous parks, and visitors come seeking comfort, nature, and green forests. It is advised to visit Lake Aster, located in the city center and surrounded by many gardens. The Planten un Blomen Park is designed in the Japanese style and includes many churches, such as the Largest Church in Hamburg, the Church of St. Nicholas, and the Church of St. Michael. Also, popular sights in Hamburg are the Speicherstadt, the Miniature Wonderland (Miniature Vonderland), which showcases miniatures of the most famous landmarks of Germany and the world, and the Hagenbeck Zoo.

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